Seacret – Minerals from the Dead Sea

The Seacret to Cleopatra’s radiant beauty is no longer a secret! Seacret: Minerals from the Dead Sea launched their flagship store at Phoenix Market City, Kurla this week with a spa range designed for Indian tones.

Seacret Store

The Gold Core Range made us feel like Egyptian princesses and here are 3 of our favourite products from it:

RECOVER Gold Core Timeless Face Serum – infused with pure 24K gold, it helps restore skin’s tightness, smoothness and even tone complexion, whilst giving a golden glow. Formulated with a unique trio of proteins, vitamins and pearl powder, speed up cell renewal and refine your skin. 

GOLD CORE Timeless Face Serum

RECOVER Gold Core Timeless Timeless Moisturizer – it has a powerful combination of rejuvenating Anti-Aging qualities and SPF 15 protection. It contains pure gold along with vitamins and proteins which help improve blood circulation, relax the appearance of fine lines and help rebuild elasticity and firmness.

GOLD CORE TimelessDual Action Mask

RECOVER Gold Core Timeless Dual Action Mask – It has a mix of magnetized the Iron powder which creating currents that gently relax your skin and a thin layer of 24K Gold micro particles which nourish your skin and provide elasticity. It’s enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Collagen that help reduce the aging process while leaving your skin radiant and healthy-looking with a beautiful golden glow.

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